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Why You Gotta (Hang Around With Him)? - The Shivers (5) - It Aint Easy Being In The Shivers (CD, Album)

9 thoughts on “ Why You Gotta (Hang Around With Him)? - The Shivers (5) - It Aint Easy Being In The Shivers (CD, Album) ”

  1. I can't see you niggas Money ain't shit Got it all day, get it all day Hoes y'all chase, wanna f*ck me The things you niggas brag about, ain't shit to me I feel it's only right to say You niggas need to get up on my level Get up on my level get up on my level Get up on my level Get up on my level Get up on my level You niggas need to get up on.
  2. He'll kill 'em, I ain't lying, heard it from the horse mouth Can't walk through the Six, you a Brick, another route Hit a stain for the shit, made it flip, another house Young nigga hood, but I'm trying to make it out Meanwhile, these guys trying to get clout Riding through the hood, we let 30s hang out And if he ain't Double-O then he can't.
  3. You ain't gotta go home (you ain't gotta go) but you gotta get the hell up outta here If you got someone (somebody) then go get you a room at The Holiday Inn You ain't got no one (nobody) than go have some fun by yourself (ohhh yeaaah) But whatever you do don't let the door knob hit you .
  4. You ain't gotta go nowhere I got cranberry and Grey Goose (Hey) Sip if you want to (Baby sip if you want to) Smoke out if you want to (Tell me what you want, I'll give you babe) Baby you ain't gotta go nowhere Just bring yourself babe I got everything else babe You ain't gotta go nowhere (You ain't gotta go nowhere babe, nowhere baby, heyy).
  5. The song can be seen as an autobiographical account of Morrison's life: he considered himself a "Rider on the storm." The "killer on the road" is a reference to a screenplay he wrote called The Hitchhiker (An American Pastoral), where Morrison was going to play the part of a hitchhiker who goes on a murder lyrics, "Girl you gotta love your man" can be seen as a desperate plea to his.
  6. Told my family: "You call me if you need it done, and you'll see it done" God gave me a million signs, I just needed one got a mic, I don't need a gun I got everyone saying I needed one But they don't know what I've been through They don't know what I'm going through Seems like you gotta go through Hell & come back just so they notice you.
  7. "I don't know. Have you guys ever killed someone before, cause if you have then you gotta let me know how to deal with it" "Nah we ain't but these bastards deserved it", I go to shake my head but he doesn't let me object. "They ain't able to do it to anyone else, that's what ya gotta think about". I nod, he's right.
  8. "Why would you do this to yourself bro," Lynn told him. "This isn't like you man! Getting drunk is for losers! You are no loser Lincoln! You should know that!" Lincoln disregarded what Lynn just said and decided to resume singing. "You think you're crazy," Lincoln was singing louder this time while staggering in a manner.

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