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Noctiluca Town

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  1. The most common species is Noctiluca scintillans, also called N. miliaris. Blooms of this species are red-orange and can be bioluminescent when disturbed, [4] as are various other dinoflagellates, and large blooms can sometimes be seen as flickering lights on the ocean, known as the milky seas effect.
  2. Noctiluca is a documentary film production company specialised in creative and effective storytelling about the environment, human rights, wildlife, science and other global issues.
  3. Noctiluca - / näk - tə - lo͞ok -ə / - from Latin, literally ‘night light, lantern’ Noctiluca scintillans - or SEA SPARKLE - is a free-living, marine-dwelling species of algae that exhibits a .
  4. town ruled by the Swan; principalities of noctiluca dance at the water-solstice, heedless of the darkened rocks, to mark the reign of night-light. True patron of knight-light in the luminous Atlantic, I would brave many rocks, the crucifixion of the Swan, to see you manifest at solstice, Lady of Waters, Noctiluca. When chanted rocks draw light.
  5. Noctiluca discovered and tested new, equally promising compounds, that provide freedom-to-operate and independence of supplies. Technology. The right solution. Noctiluca designs, synthesizes and optimizes light emitting organic compounds with TADF parameters. Strong TADF.
  6. Noctiluca Farm & Wine Trail Getaway Crushed Cellars, Charles Town Pike, Purcellville 3. Otium Cellars, Tranquility Road, Purcellville 4. Breaux Vineyards, Breaux Vineyards Lane, Purcellville 5. Two Twisted Posts, Harpers Ferry Road, Purcellville.
  7. Jun 15,  · Panama Papers Entity: NOCTILUCA S.A. $50/month and above (or $/year and above) Invitation to exclusive chat with ICIJ staff about our latest major project after publication.
  8. Apr 10,  · As he explains to Lonely Planet, this was Eric’s first time witnessing the phenomenon. “I had never before in my life seen bioluminescent phytoplankton, which is actually a microscopic algae bloom known as noctiluca scintillans,” he begins.“It was quite by chance that one night I noticed the phenomenon in the waves in False Bay, close to where I live in Cape Town.

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