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  1. Hades definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!
  2. A forma correta de escrita é há de de acordo com a Língua Portuguesa e foi introduzido pelo Acordo Ortográfico.. Ou seja, é escrito sem hífen assim como outras variações abaixo referidas. Há de veicula geralmente uma intenção; uma noção de futura ou intenção.. Com o Acordo Ortográfico, deixam de ligar-se com hífen as formas verbais monossilábicas do verbo haver à.
  3. Hades. Greek term widely used to denote the deity of the underworld and the abode of the dead. The New Testament use of Hades (hades []) builds on its Hebrew parallel, Sheol (se'ol), which was the preferred translation in the Old Testament.
  4. hade (hād) n. Geology The angle of inclination from the vertical of a vein, fault, or lode. [Origin unknown.] hade (heɪd) geology n (Geological Science) the angle made to the vertical by the plane of a fault or vein vb (Geological Science) obsolete (intr) (of faults or veins) to incline from the vertical [C of unknown origin] hade Past participle.
  5. Tio år i Silicon Valley, och allt Murray Swain hade fått ut av det var en bilring, begynnande flint och ett liv som var ensamt och tomt och genomruttet.. Boing Boing 'Tis an odd-looking affair; the collar of it repulses his "ossifer hat" from the top of his "hade;" the tail, long and forked, striking his hams at every step, and two great rusty epaulets on his shoulders -- enough to weigh.
  6. Dr. Hade provides medical care to patients from the following cities: Denville, Mount Tabor, Morris Plains, Mountain Lakes, Dover, Hibernia, Cedar Knolls, Parsippany.
  7. Hade was a gatherer who worked for the Company in Megropolis One on Pluto.. Hade was keen to obey the Collector and applied all of his taxation policies without pity. He was aided by Marn, who worked for him.. When the Doctor's TARDIS landed on Pluto, Hade was overjoyed, as it broke several rules that would result in large tiosundntenirelafenunanuninhou.cor, he was unable to find the tiosundntenirelafenunanuninhou.coance: The Sun Makers.

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