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  1. Aug 16,  · fine (third-person singular simple present fines, present participle fining, simple past and past participle fined) To make finer, purer, or cleaner; to purify or clarify. to fine gold. (written), (published), Thomas Hobbes, A Dialogue between a Philosopher .
  2. fine place,' said the stranger, 'glorious pile--frowning walls--tottering arches--dark nooks--crumbling staircases--old cathedral too--earthy smell--pilgrims' feet wore away the old steps--little Saxon doors--confessionals like money-takers' boxes at theatres--queer customers those monks--popes, and lord treasurers, and all sorts of old fellows.
  3. fine! très bien! → "I'll be back by supper time." "Fine." that's fine c'est très bien → "Do you want it stronger than that?" - "No, that's fine." it's fine to do il n'y a pas d'inconvénient à faire It's fine to ask questions as we go along. Il n'y a pas d'inconvénient à poser des questions tout en avançant.
  4. fine translate: 令人满意的, 好的;足够好的;健康的,身体好的, 杰出的, 杰出的;优秀的;极好的, 纤细的, 纤细的.
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  7. Translate Fine. See 16 authoritative translations of Fine in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.
  8. Fine! Lyrics: We could get robbed tonight or thrown under a bus / Your favorite dog could die and the holidays are rough / You've got to nip those tragic feelings in the bud / You've got to nip.

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